Dedicate to the industrial or self-produced design, this section hosts selected curatorial projects. “Golden Ratio” exhibition curated by Simona Cirelli and Azahara Maria Hernando, is made of designers selected by a call.

Geometry has two great treasures: the Pythagorean theorem and the Golden Ratio of a line segment by G. Keplero. Gold is the visualization of the sun, symbol of earthy and heavenly glory. The egyptians used to associate it to the God governing the entire world while the ancient Greeks the Immortality; in India it represents the Truth and in China it is the symbol of Enlightenment. Each culture sees it as the emblem of prosperity and the ambassador of Ma, perfection, that expresses itself through color and shape. The Divine Proportion with its mathematical constants dictates a vital subtle rhythm, suggesting an inseparable connection between macrocosm and microcosm that connect the humankind to the universe. It represents a bond of sacred geometries, a precious treasure made of noble metal as well as the various structures of nature. The man’s hand brings to surface sky, earth and afterlife, revealing the secret design of the divine aesthetics.

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