Paratissima 11

The eleventh edition of Paratissima will take place at Torino Esposizioni from the 4th till the 8th of November 2015.

More than 600 artists and over 100 performers took part in last year’s edition, attracting 82.814 visitors in 5 days.

Paratissima was originally intended as spin-off event of the international contemporary art fair Artissima, but in a few years time it has become one of the most important events in the national art scene.

The artists taking part in Paratissima are emerging creatives such as painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, fashion and industrial designers and film directors that still aren’t part of the official artistic circuit. The event is also open to those established artists who are willing to get involved in a dynamic environment aimed at a vast audience.

Paratissima is subdivided into sections dedicated to design, fashion, photography, street artists and emerging contemporary art galleriesEducational areas and workshops are key elements that ensure an active participation and a connection between the public and the young artists during the five-day-long event.

Paratissima also organises a series of events, as well as various collaborations with other companies or associations, special projects that are considered important for their high quality level and collaborations with exhibitions hosting internationaly renowned artists.

In 2014 Paratissima celebrated its 10th anniversary. This year we are therefore arrived at our eleventh edition, the first one of a new decade, which represents for us a turning point and a new start.

It has arrived the moment for us to ask some questions, to think, to challenge everything and to start a new path.

Paratissima 11
Chaos or order ?

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