Paratissima Fashion is the fashion district, managed and organized in 2017 by Marina Nekhaeva /MH_Design and Valerio Bellan.

This initiative has the desire to introduce to the public the fashion design world – from the haute couture to the street style, – its marketing strategies and artist projects, the new colors and nuances for the upcoming seasons, the stories of fashion and fashion within history.

During Paratissima, fashion will have a 360° window filled with workshops, seminars, conferences and runway shows by prominent fashion artists. One main theme: art, fashion, design. The program will investigate the different sides of contemporary fashion through the eyes of nowadays artists.

The participants have the opportunity to express themselves through exhibitions, runway shows, installations, workshops and unique projects.

Once again this year the connection with Paratissima Design gives the chance to fashion designers to apply for both sections (Paratissima Design and Paratissima Fashion), presenting projects crossing the two artistic worlds.

Starting this year, fashion designers interested into being part of the exhibition curated by Paratissima Fashion, can candidate to be selected for DVST, by Marina Nekhaeva.

DVST” is an exhibition dedicated to fashion design, presenting fashion traveling through an unconventional path. The mood will be The Dvst. Dvst is made of disintegrated tiny fragments. The inspiration is any matter and its particles broken down and then put together again, that will possibly go through a metamorphosis and appear in new and unexpected forms.

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