Entry Ticket at Paratissima 11

There’s not much to say when an entry ticket is introduced: we could go on with deep and articulated speeches, we could give very reasonable explanations or we could ask for your indulgence… but in the end the result would always be the same and, in this case, a very significant one. For the first time, an entrance fee will be required for the visitors of Paratissima.

Anyway, we feel the need to give some explaination about it, otherwise it would be disrespectful for all the people who visited Paratissima every year and who supported our event.
The entrance ticket will help us keep up with the costs of the renovation of Torino Esposizioni for Paratissima, first of all for the electrical and security system. We’re talking about 35.000€/40.000€ or maybe more.
The artists who aprticipate to Paratissima are also helping covering these expenses thanks to their entry fees (that has increased compared to last year). We, the organisers of Paratissima are also doing our best for covering the expenses by cutting costs and keeping our revenues low. For this year we are asking Paratissima’s visitors to help us, by buying a 3€ daily ticket (or a 5€ cumulative ticket that gives to the visitor a during all the days of the exhibition).

We think that 3€ might be a reasonable price since it can be affordable for almost eveyone and, at the same time, (we hope) that it will be enough for us to reach our economic goals keeping in mind that the 22% of the income will be used for the IVA, another percentage will go to the SIAE and another part of it will be used for covering ticket office expenses (stewards, tickets…). And it’s not over yet! It seems like the City of Turin will be asking us the 20% of our ticket selling income: if this turns out to be true, we’d have to admit that the City really knows how to run its business (at our expenses!) since we’ve been left dealing with a falling-apart building and we have to cover all the renovation expenses. Now you might be thinking: ‘Then why have you chosen Torino Esposizioni in the first place?’… Well, we had a deal (almost signed it actually) with the via Asti Barracks, but I think you will guess how it all ended, right? We will talk again about this in the future.
Now we must concentrate on our main topic: entry tickets. Thanks to our business deal with Satispay we created a special services that allows the visitors not to pay the entry ticket and, at the same time, it allows Paratissima not to lose any money. We are working on other similar initiatives.

If we will succeed, it will be all thanks to you, especially this year!


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