N.I.C.E. is a course to form contemporary art curators, teaching tools and practices to organize an exhibition and its official catalogue within Paratissima, the off event of Artissima art fair.

Why a course for curators?

N.I.C.E. – New Independent Curatorial Experience is dedicated to young curators as a formative opportunity and a very practical experience. The course is based on “Learning by doing”, on a very direct experience on the field, as well as the analysis of case studies. The aim, by sharing competences and experiences, is to offer to the young curator candidates the tools to form their own independent professionalism, to be able to navigate and operate through alternative channels. The classes will deal with all the complex features of this profession. Starting from the idea and the construction of a curatorial project, we will tackle all the main subjects such as fundraising, communication and preparation of an exhibition. The course will be held in Torino for 3 weeks (1 week in March, April and May) and few intensive meetings in July, September and October for a total of 132 hours.

The final essay, represented by the exhibition curated by each candidate, will be part of a special project section within Paratissima, during Torino Contemporary Art Week.

Why N.I.C.E. is so special compared to other art curator courses?

N.I.C.E. is offering an active way of learning, since all candidates will be part of the curatorial and organizational team within Paratissima 2017 event. The art event will become a real “gym” where candidates can put into action the theory, starting from the idea of a project until the realization of it, with the support of their mentors. From the very beginning, all art curator candidates will be involved into the creation of the collective exhibitions that will form the core of the event.

At the end of the course, each candidate will take part into an intensive field project of 15 days within Paratissima; they will deal with the dressing up and the logistic related to the collective exhibitions, as well as the definition of the official catalogue.

N.I.C.E. intention is to promote young art curators offering the opportunity to show their talents and putting them into direct contact with an exhibition and its multiple aspects, starting from the very beginning.

As Paratissima mission is to scout emerging artists, similarly N.I.C.E. intend to promote and give a real opportunity to those young curators who are committed, tenacious and talented.

At the end of the course theoretical part, the one candidate with these three competences will have the chance to join Paratissima staff as the assistant to the Art Director of the event, from September untill mid November, with a compensation of 1500 euro (more details are on the course presentation).

At the end of the event the best exhibition curated by N.I.C.E. candidates will be awarded. The selected young curators will then have the opportunity to curate the personal exhibition of the winner of Paratissima 2017 within Paratissima 2018. In the current cultural crisis, where art cannot count on public fundings, Paratissima shows how we can operate in an independent way. This event was created without following the given and institutional patterns; Paratissima, off event of the more institutional Artissima, is imagined and created by young professionals willing to share their method and know how.

Paratissima, after the success 2014, 2015 and 2016, presents the IV edition of N.I.C.E.: New Independent Curatorial Experience.

The course is valid for the acquisition of University Credits.

Info & Contacts

During the IV edition of N.I.C.E.: New Independent Curatorial Experience, Paratissima presents 7 exhibitions curated by young curators, each one made of artists selected by a call.

Click on the exhibition titles to know more. In each page you will find the curator names and the email address to use if you would like to exhibit within a project of your interest.

Discover more about the 7 curatorial projects of N.I.C.E. 2017!

A DOPPIO FILO | curated by Annachiara De Maio

BEYOND THE MAP | curated by Soriana Stagnitta

INFANZIA INTERROTTA | curated by Aida Biceri and Carolina Bottisio

IN/STABILITA’ | curated by Gaia Disarò and Tommaso Pagani

L’OMBRA DELLA LUCE | curated by Annalisa D’Apice and Corinna Trucco

MONSTRUM VEL PRODIGIUM | curated by Camilla Ballor and Giulia Nelli

PRE-GIUDIZIO UNIVERSALE | curated by Rita Alessandra Fusco and Maria Elena Levoni

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