Paratissima Overview

Born as an alternative to Artissima, the international contemporary art fair, in just a few years, Paratissima has become one of the preeminent events in the national artistic landscape.

Paratissima’s artists include emerging painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, designers, directors and other creatives who have not yet become part of the ‘official art scene’. It also includes, however, more established practitioners who want to be involved in a highly dynamic event with a broad audience.

Paratissima includes specialised sections dedicated to design, fashion, photography, street art and up-and-coming contemporary art galleries.

Academic activities, laboratories and workshops play a fundamental role over the five day event, allowing for active audience participation and for various connections to be made between the public and young artists.

The core artistic program is enhanced by a series of projects organised by Paratissima in collaboration with other associations and companies.  These projects are important and significant cultural offerings which include exhibitions of internationally respected artists.

Eleven years after its founding, Paratissima is looking ahead and expanding its borders, overseeing an organic international expansion program.  A sister event in Skopje was founded in 2014 and from 2016 Lisbon and Cagliari will also play host to their own Paratissima festivals.  The motivation to expand beyond the traditional five days of the November festival, has seen a significant amplification in its range of activities, opportunities and initiatives.  This vision has also resulted in the ‘Paratissima 360‘ program, which promotes emerging art through a range of temporary exhibitions spread throughout the city over the course the year.  The program, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, uses commercial establishments, artists’ studios and other businesses as exhibition venues.

Today more than ever Paratissima functions as a hub and a network for emerging creativity: PARATISSIMA OVERVIEW – the overarching vision of Paratissima as an open system which, though firmly grounded in our experiences in Turin, has developed over the years and is in a state of continuous evolution.

Do you want to be part of this Universe? Download the presentation ‘PARATISSIMA OVERVIEW‘ and find out more about the project.

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