Paratissima XIII- Superstition


What’s happening when Paratissima edition nr. 13 occurs in 2017?

As Edoardo De Filippo (Italian actor) would have said: “Being superstitious is for ignorants, but not being superstitious is bad luck”. In order to avoid Lady Luck turning her back on us, we have geared up with some powerful lucky charms, amulets, mantras, fetishes, rituals and talismans: anything to keep away a possible misfortune.

Torino, the capital of esotericism and magic, is the perfect set for this edition, beginning with sinister omens and propitiatory rituals.

Italy is the place of touching wood and red horns, as well as a whole series of magic ceremonies but superstition is common within all cultures around the world, just with different expressions. Nobody is exempt from being superstitious: believing or not in bad luck is a lifestyle, no matter where you’re coming from and which background you have.
For a superstitious person colors, facts, objects, numbers or recurring events are symbols of bad or good luck that have to be avoided or searched for; they are manias that will affect any aspect of daily life.
We are not talking about a science, only about popular beliefs, but just to play safe until November we will try to avoid black cats, broken glasses, and we will touch humpbacks and horseshoes. Just as a precaution.
And you? Will you keep the fingers crossed and touch wood too?

Ex Caserma “La Marmora”
Via Asti, 22 – Torino (Italy)
November 1-5, 2017

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