Regulation Fashion & Design 2016

In order to subscribe to the event you must fill out the online form. The information provided will be used in the editing of the materials regarding the artists’ profiles and projects. The personal data and the details on the project will not be published; they will be a useful resource for the activity of the Artistic Direction. Each artist is responsible for the cost and the logistics of the production, setting up, and transportation of their works.
The subscription deadline for the 12th edition of Paratissima is July, 22nd 2016 or until exhaustion.
The artists who will subscribe after the deadline will be put on a waiting list and contacted by the Artistic Direction according to the availability of the rooms.

The basic space given to those who participate to Paratissima Design and Fashion for exhibiting and selling their creations is of 6,25 sq.m.
The basic application fee is of 400,00€ (the fee comprehends a 120,00€ deposit + a final payment of 280,00€) tax excluded. It is possible to demand multiple spaces of the basic space (e.g. 12,50sq.m, 18,75sq.m, 25 sq.m, …).
The subscription to the trade services of the works and products is included in the inscription fee and it doesn’t demands any additional costs.
Once you have filled the application forms of the Direzione di Commercio of the Città of Turin that will be given to you by the organization, the selling of the works for those who do not have a VAT registration can be made with a simple non-taxed receipt.
Any unauthorized selling activity won’t be possible and YLDA Associazione won’t take any responsibility for any potential fiscal control.

In order to subscribe to Paratissima Fashion and Paratissima Design you will have to follow these steps within the time requested.

-Fill the form and pay the deposit of 120,00€ (or more) in order to confirm your registration by following the procedure shown in step 3 within July 22, 2016

You will be reached by the curators who will evaluate your subscription for the Fashion/Design section and they will announce your admission, within September 1, 2016.

You will have to plan your area’s set up project along with the curators and the Artistic Direction and pay the final fee of 280,00€ (or more) within September 15, 2016.

NB: It is not allowed the exhibition of artworks (e.g. paintings, photographs and sculptures) that haven’t been approved by the Artistic Direction. In the event that your set up project will be incompatible with the Artistic Direction criteria your subscription will be cancelled and the 120,00€ deposit will be returned.

After having received the email that will confirm your registration, you will have to make your registration official by paying the deposit and by signing the disclaimer following the guidelines explained in the email.
It is possible to pay the subscription fee by cash, via Paypal, Satispay or bank credit transfer.
The participation fee, if a receipt is required, will figure as a liberal contribution for sustaining the activities of Associazione YLDA.
If the receipt is required, it will be necessary to add the VAT applicable on the subscription fee and you will have to send your Datas to The receipt will be released after the payment of the amount.

If you are regularly subscribed to Paratissima but cannot participate to the event, you can ask for the refund of your fee at least 15 days before the start of the event. Afterwards, it will be no longer possible to ask for a refund.

Now that you have read all the essential information for the participation to Paratissima, you can fill out the form!


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