G@P – Galleries at Paratissima

G@P – Galleries at Paratissima, was born in 2013.

G@P is an independent sector dedicated to Contemporary Art Galleries that have the opportunity to exhibit and sell artworks at a reasonable price, wishing to address themselves to young art collectors.

Paratissima’s aim is to become an international event by extending its offer to a public that is interested in Contamporary Art. The exhibition’s intent is not only to host young talents and creatives but also to involve Art Galleries.

G@P wants to fill the existing gap in Turin’s art scene between the institutional art fair, addressed to eitist art collectors, and other realities which may not be strictly dedicated to contemporary art.

Since 2014, the G@P Urban section aims at fixing the lack of an Italian Street Art fair by creating a realtionship between Paratissima and Street Art Galleries.

G@P is a welcoming place where new collectors can buy artworks at a reasonable price.

In order to participate at G@P, Art Galleries must exhibit, during the five-day event no more than five artists. The price of the exhibited artworks must be higher than 5000€.



Photography by Irene Gittarelli

Edition 2015

For info and subscription to this edition of G@P – Galleries at Paratissima write to gap@paratissima.it

More info: Andrea Isola +39 347 4938058


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