Gradually, Paratissima is making a name for itself in the European art scene.

Macedonia, Poland, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal… the presence of artists coming from outside Italy has increased during the last editions with more artistic projects, exhibitions and important collaborations.

Macedonia deserves a special mention: it is the place where Paratissima Skopje,our twinned event, was created in June by Skopje’s cultural association “Contineo2020“. 12 young artists, selected in Macedonia among the 107 participants of the third edition of Paratissima Skopje, have been hosted in Turin thanks to the support of Compagnia di San Paolo and the collaboration of the Macedonian Embassy and the city of Turin.

Professional workshops for artists will be organised thanks to our renewed collaboration with ArtSquare.

This year a new partnership with Portuguese association EbanoCollective has also started and it was aimed at creating an ‘Atlantic’ edition of Paratissima in Lisbon.

The latest addition is Paratissima Cagliari, the third twin-event born in Sardinia in August 2016, which will bring to Turin a selection of 7 artists selected by a jury.



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