“No Photo” is Paratissima’s section dedicated to photography whitin the fair. It is organised by the photographer Daniele Ratti and the young curator Laura Tota.

The choice of the name, a sort of unsettling paradox, shows the need to represent a breaking point, the desire to abandon the institutional places dedicated to the enjoyment of works of art (photographic or otherwise) and especially to break all prohibitions and limitations imposed by them (for example, the ban on photographing). Reformulate the logical relationship between the photographic image and the observer becomes necessary in a daily life where photography has become the medium of communication, and it is a real celebration of a new and more effective code of relationship with the world.

Among No Photo’s international artists stand out the talented Daesung Lee, Giulia Mangione and Gabriele Duchi brought in the exhibition by the international photography fair Cortona On The Move.

To enrich the billboard of the photographers, Gabriele Galimberti with the project “Zompi”,  the reportage of Franco Pagetti “Les voiles d’Alep/Syrie”, and the exhibition “Learning to fly“, curated by Laura Tota, one of the participants in the project N.I.C.E. (New Independent Curatorial Experience).




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