Would you like to promote your brand or company at Paratissima 2017?

Since few years Paratissima is one of the most visited art exhibitions for emerging talents in Italy, broadcasting at the same time CREATIVE PROJECTS in partnership with national and international companies enhancing the visibility of art and the creativity of new talents.

Are you still looking for the ideal event to show your products? Do you have a creative idea for your brand and you are just waiting for the right time to launch it? Do you believe as we do that it is important to support emerging talentscreativity and their artistic paths?

If yes if one of the answers then Paratissima is looking for you.

We can collaborate together in order to:

  • Produce a creative project or an award with our Art Director(s)
  • Present a creative or artistic idea for your brand
  • Promote your activity and services, or to sell your products
  • Organize meetings or workshops open to the public

Please, have a look at Paratissima 13 presentation and get to know how to participate while reading through the case histories. For more information please contact our Manager.

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