Visitors Information

When and Where

From November 2nd to 6th 2016 

Opening Hours

Wednesday, November 2nd 6-12 pm
Thursday, November 3th 3-12 pm
Friday, November 4th 3-12 pm
Saturday, November 5th 12 am-12 pm
Sunday, November 6th 10am-10pm

How to get there

To get to Paratissima at Torino Esposizioni you can use the public transports!

TUBE: “Nizza” station on via Nizza
TRAM: 09- c.Raffaello/v.Giuria | 16 – v. V. Caluso/c. M. d’Azeglio
BUS: 42-c.Dante/c.M.D’Azeglio | 18 – v. M. Cristina/v. V. Caluso
Taxi: +39 011 5730 | +39 011 5737

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