Art contaminates everyday life with Paratissima360

Paratissima 360 (P360) is a project which promotes emerging art and creativity beyond the traditional 5 days of the November festival, through temporary exhibitions hosted in commercial spaces, studios and professional offices.
P360 is a showcase for young artists which aims to broaden their exhibition opportunities to a series of events throughout the year. The program is spread all over the city and develops synergies between artists and businesses.
Artists and creatives are offered the opportunity to exhibit their work in locations on the exhibition circuit, throughout the year, thus becoming part of a network that provides visibility, publicity and, on request, consultancy and other personalised services.
Businesses can join the Paratissima 360 circuit at any time of the year and become an exhibition location. By hosting artists and creatives, businesses also benefit from Paratissima publicity channels.
Paratissima thus reinforces its original mission: to bring art back in contact with the public at large and letting art contaminate everyday life in a way that is increasingly viral.

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