Paratissima 12 – TO THE STARS

On the clearest of nights you can count up to 3,000 stars. Season after season, they move almost imperceptibly, so that over the course of a year it is possible to see around 6,000. Despite space being virtually empty, there are billions of stars in our galaxy alone.

Up there, beyond the ordinary boundaries of the world, there is a mysterious universe which remains largely unexplored. It embodies the very essence of adventure, the spirit of discovery and is so immense as to be virtually unimaginable – the infinite.
Thus, inevitably, the sky has always represented the highest ambitions of the human race, the hardest of targets and the most unattainable of goals. And perhaps it is precisely for these reasons that from its very beginnings, humanity has tended to place its dreams and aspirations, myths and legends in the heavens.
By setting the sky as the limit, human beings have had a framework in which to accomplish large enterprises, exciting expeditions and revolutionary discoveries. While the skies have inspired our species throughout its history, art has helped to cement it in our collective imagination. Literature, music, cinema, fashion, design, visual arts – every corner of creativity has been put to the service of our greatest of dreams: to reach the stars.
We at Paratissima also have a dream: to improve and evolve, year after year. To exceed our expectations and create the best Paratissima best ever. For the twelfth edition Paratissima we invite you to make a journey among the stars.
There are 12 months in a calendar year, 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 hours in the morning and 12 in the evening, 12 complete lunations in a solar year and it takes Jupiter 12 years to make its tour of the Zodiac.
2016 will be a year of great astronomical discoveries. It started with the confirmation of the existence of gravitational waves, which opens a new chapter in the history of astronomy. We have seen the first flower to blossom in space, the launch of the Exomars mission which will explore Mars and the arrival of the Juno spacecraft at the planet Jupiter which will study that planet’s magnetic field. 2016 will also see us celebrating our twelfth edition while daydreaming of the year’s amazing discoveries.
Turin, Cagliari, Skopje and Lisbon… we will start the first exploration of the space marked Paratissima.
See you among the stars!

Paratissima 12 is TO THE STARS

By: Alessia Messina e Elisa Quaranta

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