Paratissima strengthens Asia presence

Paratissima Cina

Paratissima strengthens Asia presence

Shi Jian and Shu Wenjing appointed as Directors Paratissima Asia

Paratissima is pleased to announce the appointment of Shi Jian (China) as Artistic Director Paratissima Asia and Shu Wenjing as Executive Director Paratissima Asia. Shi Jian and Shu Wenjing will oversee the operation and coordination, and push for a stronger strategic influence of Paratissima in the Asia area.

Paratissima is a vibrant artistic event dedicated to promotion of works by young artists and creative individuals, and experimentation of dynamic, interactive forms of performance for a wide audience. Starting as an “off” section of Artissima, Paratissima has grown to be one of the most popular fairs of Contemporary Art Torino Piemonte. Last year, Paratissima attracted 606 artists and 119,510 registered visitors from all over the world.

An active curator, Shi Jian is passionate about communication between eastern and western art and cultures. He has extensive experience in managing and facilitating a variety of cultural and artistic activities, including art exhibitions, performance, fashion shows, and academic seminars. The first Asian Project, with a unique focus on contemporary pursuit of traditional Chinese aesthetics and philosophy, will appear in the eleventh edition of Paratissima, 4-8 November 2015.
The Paratissima Europe-Asia Artists Residency Program will be launched in 2016.

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Nata come manifestazione off di Artissima, fiera internazionale di arte contemporanea, Paratissima è diventata in pochi anni uno degli eventi di riferimento nel panorama artistico a livello nazionale. Gli artisti di Paratissima sono i creativi (pittori, scultori, fotografi, illustratori, stilisti, registi, designer) emergenti, che non sono ancora entrati nel circuito ufficiale dell’arte, e i nomi affermati che desiderano mettersi in gioco in un contesto dinamico rivolto ad una vasta platea.